Halloween Decorations


When people decorate their house for Halloween, they tend to focus on the living room and forget all about the kitchen. This Halloween, you should put some extra attention on your kitchen, don’t you think? Today, we are here to give you some interesting ideas by showing you some nice Halloween kitchen décor that you could use …

Skeleton Salt and Pepper Holder
Having a skeleton hold your salt and pepper for you seems pretty cool, right? This salt and pepper shaker will be a nice conversation starter during your next spooky party, there’s no doubts about that! This item has been individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin and includes glass salt and pepper shakers.

Zombie Salt and Pepper Holder
If you are looking for a spooky salt and pepper holder, but you don’t quite dig the skeleton salt and pepper holder, no big deal … here’s a pretty cool zombie salt and pepper holder. This is especially great if you have a taste for zombies! This set also comes with the glass salt and pepper shakers and has been individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin.

Witches Legs
If you have the witch trapped in a drawer or chest, she won’t be flying away into the moonlight on her broom. These plush witch’s legs will be sure to make a “witchy” atmosphere happen in your kitchen.

Dragon Skull Electric Oil Warmer
How about adding a snarling dragon skull to your kitchen décor? This is a spooky electric oil warmer and a must have! It has been individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin. It comes with the glass dish and heat light cover.

Grim Reaper Wine Holder
This grim reaper would make a perfect wine holder in your kitchen during Halloween! He is 11” long and made from cold cast polyresin.

Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker
If you weren’t fond of the skeleton or zombie salt and pepper holders, perhaps you would like this set in your kitchen? They’re not spooky, but they would still make great décor in your kitchen during Halloween.

Spider Web Bowl Candy Holder
This would go perfect in your kitchen during Halloween. This is a metal 2-tier basket that looks like spider webs. You could add some of those plastic spiders in there to give it a spooky look.

Halloween Fabric Table Runner
No kitchen décor is complete without a table runner! This one right here could easily fit in with your other Halloween kitchen décor. The Halloween protraits set the theme. This runner measures 14” x 72″.

Bloody Handprints
For the kitchen window, let’s put some bloody handprints! This sheet has assorted window clings in different shapes and sizes. It has both bloody handprints and bloody splatters.

Skeleton Chef Wine Bottle Holder
If you enjoy wine, this Halloween, you definitely need to get a wine bottle holder to go with your kitchen décor. If you’re not too fond of the grim reaper wine bottle holder, perhaps this skeleton chef wine bottle holder will suit your needs? This features a bony chef laying on his back in a dirty uniform.

Zombie Ceramic Cookie Jar
This ceramic cookie jar will fit in with your Halloween kitchen décor and your guests will just love it!


For some scary creative ideas:

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